Great Dana

It started with a chicken coop I wanted so badly that I salvaged materials, with permission, from the garbage piles of a couple local building sites.  After a million phone calls to my dad and a super small pile of tools, I figured out how to build the coop.  I often worked on it with my then one year old strapped to my back.  The first chicken coop turned into a second, a freebie I modified a bit, and now a third.  This time though I'd put a fort on top of the coop.  This is how I learned that I love to build things.

My husband and I recently bought our first house - an outdated 70's home which we have barely begun to transform.  In addition to trying my hand at building I love gardening, canning, and fermenting, general thrifty housekeeping, finding cool cheep or free used stuff and living in a way that nourishes my health and hopefully the planet.

Building, designing and creating has been really good for my soul.  Perhaps you'll enjoy it too!  Welcome to my workshop!