Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My Dad's Tree Fort

When I was a kid, my dad build us the cutest little play house known to man which provided us with endless fun times and memories.  Now he's at it again only with a tree house for the grand kids.  My dad is a busy man - when he's not making his community a better place, working as an El Paso County Commissioner he's got plenty of other things to take his time.  Like working on his house, a super cute ranch home in Fountain, Colorado that he's basically redone all of, or working on his yard.  He hunts, takes the grand-kids camping and just recently hiked Mt. Elbert, the tallest peak in the Rocky Mountains, for his 60th birthday.  He fields all my calls for advice and manages to come visit the many of us Hiseys who reside in Oregon - me included.  But apparently, he couldn't help himself a couple summers ago and decided to throw together this awesome little fort for the grand-kids.

He build this using mostly (if not all) used materials he already had on hand.  My step mom even found the paint on the half off rack.

  • The large posts are 4x8 beams that he had replaced from the front porch of their house.  
  • You will notice the platform is framed using some 4x4s and while overkill does run in the family that was just a matter of what he had on hand.  He used a chalk like to mark a 4x8 down the center and then used a chainsaw, yes, a chainsaw, to cut those babies in half.  You'll notice the 4x4s allowed him to carve away parts of the platform framing to make way for the tree and still have a solid piece of wood. 
  • The plywood is 1/2" which was sufficient especially with the solid framing. 
  • The stairs were made by carving notches in 2x6s with 2x2s for the rungs.
  • He poured his own cement blocks to go under the 4x8 beams by simply building a frame for the mold and mixing his own concrete. 
  • All the grand-kids are old enough that he didn't worry about putting the side rails close enough together to keep them from getting through; he actually put them far enough apart that no one would get stuck in between.  I'm sure a kid or two has jumped off that platform on purpose. 
  • In the second to last picture, you can see a pulley which allows the kids to pull a bucket up and lower it down.  I can't even tell you the hours of entertainment that has provided.   
Enjoy the pictures!