Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Grandpa told me bantams like to hide their eggs...

This is Luna our Bantam Barred Plymouth Rock.
Every day we let the chickens out of their coop/run into a fenced part of the yard.  Usually we free them in the afternoon after they have laid their eggs.  The chickens are pretty satisfied in their fenced yard so they don't normally escape unless dusk is approaching or they have to lay an egg.

It had been a while since we have seen Luna's eggs.  I figured she was laying under the deck, the only place I could imagine she could squeeze that I couldn't' access.   Then Luna went missing.  If you have chicken you know, they always come home to roost!  So I was worried when Luna was a no show two nights in a row.

On the third day when I was letting the other chicken out (we are down to only two chickens since my kids can't eat eggs anymore, I gave the other four hens to a friend) Luna came out from the neighbor's yard with ruffled feathers - the kind of ruffled feathers hens have when they have been nesting and come off the eggs to get water or food!  After securing Luna in the coop my daughter and I went exploring and what did we find?  Luna's beautiful nest full of eggs!
Our Barred Plymouth Rock Bantam has been sneaking out to lay her eggs in the neighbor's yard (the neighbors rarely occupy their yard), and she finally had enough of a clutch of eggs she decided to try and hatch those babies. Unfortunately we don't have a rooster so they will never hatch.  I tried to explain it to her and I told her that I was going to have to leave her in the coop/run until she could show me that she will lay her eggs in the nesting box.  I feel real bad interfering with her instincts to hatch those eggs and to hide them in such fun locations but I'm the grown up and we have boundaries for her own good. I can't have her sneaking out plus I do want to be able to find and keep her eggs - selfish truly.

It sure was fun to find her cozy nest!  While Flufatrox, our Ameraucana faithfully lays in the nesting box, our bantam really likes to hide her eggs just like my grandpa said of bantams.  Before this find I have previously found Luna's eggs behind the lavender bush, under a tomato plant, and in a grassy patch.  It's like Easter in August. 


  1. I love the chicken tough-love! And that very pretty nest of eggs!

  2. That's too funny! Who knew chickens were so sly?!

  3. Our barred Plymouth Rock Bantams are doing the same thing!! We just found 9 of their eggs in a private nest outside their pen. They fly out every day. I am afraid they will only find a new place to hide them....hmmm...what to do? Borrow a rooster?