Thursday, May 3, 2012

Spring Garden

Here is a picture of my spring garden as it is now and my super into making her own food daughter.  I planted a few seeds mid-March.   I LOVE crops that can be seeded right into the ground without having to start indoors. It has been a slow go of it but I'm starting to harvest radishes, the lettuce is looking good, bush peas are getting ready to go.  The broccoli and cauliflower just seem to be starting.  I've seen just a few carrots sprouting and one cilantro.

Yesterday I added a lot more radish in between the existing.  To be honest I've never planted radish because I just didn't think we'd use it but the fresh from the ground radish I tasted yesterday is fantastic and we can eat it plain - even the kids - it's so delicious.  I tried again with the carrots, running them in between the lettuce.  I added some spinach seed and some green onion.

I also added two types of basil to some pots and threw some dill seeds in the not so soil rich flower beds so we will see if anything happens there. I just can't even describe how much easier it is to have the raised beds with the earth all ready for planting.  Before, I always had to spend some serious time digging up the earth before planting time.  This year all I had to do it put the seeds in the dirt!

While I buried vegetable seeds my daughter chopped up some radish, parsley, thyme and dandelion for a salad!  She didn't actually eat much of it - it was a little heavy on the parsley - but she sure was proud that this time the salad was technically fully edible! 


  1. That's so awesome you're able to eat the food you're growing! So far we've only been able to harvest some strawberries (not enough to satisfy any of us and it took up an entire 4x8 raised bed) and a few random peppers. We actually were off to a good start with our squash plants but backyard bunnies keep taking off with them right before they're ready to harvest. Grrr.

  2. Oh my gosh we only ate like five radishes. I can't believe you have any peppers or squash for the bunnies! Seriously, up here some overzealous planters may have put their peppers and squash out but the rest of us are just starting them indoors! It's so fun to have a Texas perspective on here!