Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lets Talk About Underarm Hair

This is why I don't shave my arm pits.

It's gross, it hurts, it leads to ingrown hairs, chaffed skin and zits.  There is never a period where the skin is simply hair free, smooth and supple.  It is a very rare occasion when a woman who shaves lifts her arms and it is clear, fresh and smooth skin.  Obviously there are some of you out there who shave without side effects and whose hair remains gone long enough to get you through whatever it is you shaved for.  Most ladies like it smooth but for me it just doesn't work.  If ever I do this again it will be electrolysis.  Back in the day when I removed my body hair on a regular basis I actually waxed.  Maybe I would do that again but it is rough on the underarms and eventually (sooner than later) it gets stubby again.

Top Ten Reasons I don't shave my arm pits:

10.  God gave me hair under my arms I'm guessing for a reason - it's cleaner!!!

9.  I like to look like a woman.

8.  I have better things to do with my time.

7.  My husband thinks I'm sexy with hair.

6.  Going natural removes me from the pressure of current fashion standards.

5.   Shaved underarms (and its aftermath) is not attractive to me.

4.  Shaving (and its aftermath) hurts.

3.  I want my daughter to love everything about her body.
2.  Men - at least most men - don't shave.

1. I just don't want to.

That said, I might get my underarm hair laser removed one day.  I'm more turned off by the actual shaving and the fact that I think it looks gross than attached to the principal of not shaving although I would have to do some reconciliation on the matter if the time ever comes.  

One of the very first and most frequently asked question anyone brave enough to mention my hairy pits asks is, "What does your husband think?"   This makes me appreciate the prize of a hubby I have all the more.  I usually tell them I don't mind if he is hairy or if he shaves and he doesn't care about the status of my hair either - although he has expressed reservations about me permanently removing the hair.  

Most of us are taught what is beautiful and not beautiful from a very young age and I could hardly hold it against anyone what their preference is regarding underarm hair but for me I hope the next time I get a wild hair to shave I remember how uncomfortable it is AND that I don't do it the day before I'm supposed to run ten miles! Bad move.

I have a friend who went without shaving for a while and documented the process.  It's been so long since I stopped shaving and I didn't really monitor my thoughts on it when I did stop so it's cool to see her capture it here and on a few other posts on her blog.


  1. Good for you! I know my husband would absolutely care if I went native. I guess that's fair, since I like him to shave his face every day. But I am like you-- I have never been able to shave without major consequences. My problem is that when I let my pits grow a bit, I get worse B.O. I have bought an epillator, and it is the best little appliance! No more pulling skin off with wax, dealing with the mess, etc. I just have a glass of wine, watch a show on the computer while I go to town on my legs once a month or so. The pits go really fast-- no need for anything special there!

  2. I'm googling epillator... is that painful? Honestly, compared to waxing will you rate the pain for me? Costco had what I thought was a home laser remover thing that caught my interest - probably something that would take like 100 "sessions." Just imagine all the money that has been spent on hair removal, and it's men too removing body hair! The feeling of soft sheets on freshly shaven legs is not lost on me, I just wish it were easier.