Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Used Couches

It was innocent enough; I was just shopping for some dishes, looking for anything white and pretty at a little second hand shop when I spotted them.  I'd been struggling with what to do about our couch situation for a while.  The ones we had were beyond old and worn out and borderline gross even with couch covers.  We kept talking about selling out, giving up on my dream couches.  I decided that maybe they didn't exist in a way I would be able to afford.  We were this close to buying the standard leather brown set that is so popular these days.  Then I saw these couches, checked the price and realized they were within my reach - I just had to have them!  The frantic texting of pictures to my sisters and husband who was a critical part of it working out began.

My husband gave his approval and my sister, the voice of reason told me to go for it but to realize I would have to repaint and get new rugs and curtains.  A friend told me the couches had been reupholstered since the fringe on the pillows is not something that would have been original to the couches, I'm going to cover the pillows in some flashy purple soon enough.  There are so many colors in the upholstery; I have a lot to work with.  One day when I run out of projects to do I will probably reupholster them again in some bizarre fabric.
Perhaps beige for the walls, although that sounds so dull! 
I have many colors to work with. 
I have a hard time posting pictures of my living room since it is far from how I want it but here it is anyway.  Besides the paint and rugs I need a whole new take on pictures, more fitting end tables and probably new curtains.  Luckily I had enough curtains I was able to switch the previous ones which clashed the couches worse than this lime green paint.  So excuse the incomplete room and enjoy the bold presence of the couches.  The future paint will allow the couches to take center stage.

Not the best picture but this shows the living room as you walk into it from downstairs.  Hopefully by the fall or winter we will have a wood-burning stove to the lower right of the picture.  To the left you can see one of the bedrooms off the living room.  The white partition is my way of hiding the television form being a focal point of the house sine the living room is very visible from the kitchen/entry area.  To the front left before the sofa chair hiding in the corner are my sewing table and a bookcase. It is a nice little nook and way of dealing with the long living room space.  
What color you think I should paint the living room?  Do you have any other suggestions for this space?  Leave a comment and help me out.  I am not the interior designer of the family but I know how to follow instructions! 


  1. I love the couches - the style is wonderful and BEIGE is not boring. The furniture is busy and you need a subdued wall. Take with a grain of salt as my style is pretty boring but I love them.

  2. Okay so apparently I can't keep away from green. I hope it wasn't a mistake but I bought a light green (I'm calling it beige green) called Marrett Apple!