Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dog House Renovation

I found a large dog house for free.  Its roof was destroyed by moss and it was a bit chewed up.  I let it sit in our garage for a couple months.  Our dog tragically died.  I let the dog house sit in the garage a little while longer. Finally with the help of my beloved husband I put a new roof on it and made a few other repairs.  I tried to sell it but no one wanted it.  Then I painted it and wala, good as new!  In total we put about $20 and too much time (5 hrs) into it and sold it for $75.  The paint was left over as were most of the roof shingles and a few boards I needed to replace. We just had to buy the plywood, some flashing and a few shingles.  This was not quite but almost worth my time and mainly I am glad to be rid of the dog house we do not need and I'm sure my neighbors are glad it is not in our driveway anymore.

Here are some pictures for anyone who may be interested in building a dog house - hopefully this gives you some ideas.  It is a real sturdy structure that's for sure.  The roof detaches from the body.

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