Sunday, March 25, 2012

Meet The Chickens & Their Eggs

It has been awhile since I figured out what breeds my chickens are and I meant to post adult pictures sooner but it worked out that I waited because now I know what their eggs look like.  Meet the ladies and two gents whom we had to find new homes for.


Name: Yellow Wing - Breed: Buckeye - Medium Brown Eggs

Yellow Wing was the last to start laying her eggs.  She lays beautiful medium sized brown eggs.  This Buckeye hen can be pushy for instance when I'm corralling all the chickens into their coop or the fenced part of the yard she will be the one to stare me down and try to go the other direction.   She is not very fast or flighty though and has been a favorite of the kids.

Name: Flufatrox - Breed: Ameraucana - Medium Green Eggs

Flufatrox has beautiful green eggs.  She is full of vibrant feathers and has what looks like a fluffy beard.  She is docile, beautiful and lays eggs regularly.  She is my son's favorite.

Name: Camolot - Breed: Golden Campine - Medium White eggs

Camo is a Golden Campine.  She is an amazing flyer and likes to be free of the coop.  Her eggs are medium sized white to cream colored.

Name: Crystal - Breed: Golden Campine - Medium White Eggs

I'm pretty sure Crystal is a Golden Campine however she has a double comb which is not standard to Golden Campine breed so either she is a different breed that I am unaware of or her double comb is just devient from the standard.  She also has more of a fluffy bum then our other Colden Campine, Camolot.  Crystal lays long medium sized white eggs with just a hint of brown. Feel free to chime in if you have any experience with a chicken like this having a double comb.

Name: Luna - Breed: Barred Plymouth Rock Bantam - Tiny Light Brown Eggs

Luna is my favorite.  She is a tiny super well behaved happy little hen.  One of the first to start laying, her eggs are small and light brown.  She lays almost every day.  Luna is an excellent flyer for a chicken.

Two of Luna's eggs next to a regular sized egg.
Name: Samwise Gamgee - Breed: Partridge Silkie Bantam - Small Cream Colored Eggs

Samwise Gamgee is our other bantam.  Her feathers are beautiful though not useful for flying.  A Silkie, she has feathered legs and all kinds of attitude in her plumage but her personality is kind.  Samwise Gamgee's favorite thing to do in the world is take a dust bath.  She has a favorite spot in the yard where the dirt is always dry and she spends hours there.  Samwise Gamgee lays small cream colored eggs.  True to her breed she is very broody meaning she likes to lay on her eggs as well as the other chicken's eggs in a vain attempt at hatching them.  (We have no roosters so we will never have fertile, hatchable eggs.) We frequently have to nudge her off the pile of eggs to convince her to go get some food and drink.

Egg Comparison 

Eggs are from the following breeds left to right:
Buckeye, Ameraucauna, Golden Campine, Golden Campine,  Barred Plymouth Rock Bantam, Partridge Silkie Bantam

Name: Rusty - Breed: Partridge Silkie Bantam - Rooster

I had such a hard time telling which chicks were bantams (the small breed) because two of my bantams were roosters and therefore a little bigger than their female counterparts.  Rusty was my all time favorite with his pretty feathers and fluffy feathery legs - of course roosters always are prettier than hens.  I was sad to see him go.

Name: Silver - Breed: Black Silkie Bantam - Rooster

Silver was our other rooster - a beautiful black Silkie Bantam with a soft, fluffy black plumage and like the other silkies, feathers on his legs.  We re-homed Mr. Silver.


  1. Dana, this is great and really helpful! Can you post one about care of?

  2. Speak the word and consider it done! :) Care of chicks and chickens shall be on it's way...