Friday, March 16, 2012

Making Pomegranate Wine #2

My pomegranate wine has been patiently sitting in the corner where I last left it.  I meant to rack it for the first time at 3 weeks but I was late as per my usual schedule.  It has been four and a half weeks since the wine first went into the carboy and I did rack it just now.  It has been quieter lately, probably since week three when I was supposed to first rack it.  The bubbles have been rare and come to think of it may have ceased all together.

I had expected the purple liquid to clear up more than it had - it still seemed just as cloudy as when it went into the carboy although when I compare it to the pictures I previously took, it has cleared up.  It wasn't until siphoning the wine that I saw how much sediment really had settled at the bottom of the jug!
I was

Of course I taste tested my pomegranate wine.  It is clearly in its infantile state but as always, it was quite a pleasure to taste that this wine tastes like wine!  It is

Check out all the sediment!
already potent and explodes in the mouth.  The pomegranate is of course the predominant flavor but the lemon and orange flavors are obvious too.  It is bitter and tart with a filmy aftertaste.  This all sounds a little crude but I am pleased so far.  I added a half a cup of sugar after I racked the wine hoping it would re-energize the fermenting process as well as hopefully help the wine mellow it out.  I like my wine dry but this was in no danger of being too sweet.  As soon as I added the sugar it bubbled like crazy so I think its good I gave it some more sugar to feed on.  I'll probably add more when I rack it again in a couple months.


  1. I'm so excited to see progress with your wine! Is it going to be a really sweet wine when it's done or can it still be dry even with the sugar you added?

    1. I'm totally aiming for dry. In the grand scheme of things I don't think half a cup will do much to it really and I skimped on sugar in the original batch. We'll see! :) I can't wait to test it in a few months and then I'll go from there.

  2. I make a sparkling pomegranate wine. Sweet but oh so good. Blows a lot of corks though if you leave on seat of your car when driving. beware

  3. How did the wine taste after you reracked it ansecond time?

  4. We have been drinking the pomegranate wine we made last fall(2017). It is a little to lemony, but, if you let it breathe (I know, sounds silly as it is a homemade wine) it does change the flavor. However, the alcohol content is extremely high. My husband said it almost tastes like a brandy instead of a wine. We've been adding just a little unflavored soda water to our wine glasses to dilute the lemony taste as well as lightening up the alcohol. I am now working on completing this years' batch. Just drained the 1st bucket and letting the excess drip as you recommended. I snuck a taste, I think this year will be perfect. We did only 1 lemon peel this year and added 1 large container of fresh blueberries. I'll let you know how it turns out.