Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rain, rain go away, come again some other day.

I just cleaned out the chicken coop in the rain which at times today is turning into fat wet snow flakes just to mock me.  I know good and well we will not actually get any real snow today or this year, again.  So rather than waiting for a crisp fresh day when frankly I have better things to do I said the hell with the weather, the droppings pits needed emptied.  Damn Northwest.  It's a flippin mud pit outside and not just because I need retaining walls to redirect all my neighbors' water.  My neighbor across the street's property is clunking in to the ravine he backs up to, bless his soul.  It. Just. Keeps. Raining (and fake snowing). I'm ready for a little spring, that's all I'm saying.

While I'm being negative, let me take a minute to talk to all the people who are looking to get chickens this spring.  The chicks are cute, super fluffy, darling little chirps.  I wish I could buy a chick a day, I just love them.  Chickens are cool too.  They either give eggs or meat and I can't argue with that plus there is something satisfying in seeing them peck around the yard at things invisible. The way they crow after they lay an egg or stupidly freak out when a gust of wind blows or a small bird flies overhead or anything else changes in their environment, it's hard not to enjoy them.  But you need to know if you are in the Northwest and you have chickens you will likely have some sort of a mud pit and you still have to clean out their coop not to mention feed and water the chickens in the winter.  I obviously think it's totally worth it but it's not all fun and games and eggs, it's chores and muck and poo too.

On another random note, check out my Camellia flower.  The shrub just started blooming and since it's all wet outside and we like flowers in the house my daughter took it upon herself to snip, pull and shake a few down.  She's just like me - "Look, a flower, let's cut it down!"


  1. Ok so after reading your last two posts - I've realized I don't know if I can have chickens. I don't trust myself and fear I'd get way too attached to them and don't deal well with loss. Maybe it's different because they wouldn't be living inside with us and sleeping with us and being like children but I don't know that for sure I would be detached enough to have them.

  2. I need to post about how awesome it is to have chickens. It's all totally worth the work and even loss. I was sad to see my roosters go and believe it or not I cried when I sold my first batch of chickens (along with the coop) but it's not like a dog, really. All the mess and chores (it's not that much) are so worth it and in TX there won't be all the mud! GET CHICKENS! :) Your garden will love their poo!