Wednesday, February 1, 2012

First Eggs!

A month before I was expecting anything, here it is!
Our first egg!  Actually we got our first two eggs.  I'm still not sure if I just missed the actual first and by the time I saw it the chicken had laid two eggs or if we have two layers already. 

The eggs are from our bantams.  They are tiny, precious, light brown, smooth, strong shelled eggs. The first one was on the ground outside the coop fence where Luna had flown the coop and didn't have access to the nesting box. I used this as motivation to heighten the fence so she can't so easily fly over it.  I like the chickens to be out when I let them out, not when they decide.  It's safer that way.

The second egg we found was inside the nesting box, just where we like it! It is a shade lighter than the first and the same shade as all the eggs we have gotten since, one a day!

Here are both eggs side by side.  

This is my beautiful daughter holding Luna the Bantam Barred Plymouth Rock that layed the egg outside of the coop.

If there are two chickens laying and it's not just Luna, the second layer is my Partridge Silkie Bantam, Samwise Gamgee.

Here is a comparison of the size of the Bantam eggs next to regular size eggs.  The large egg is store bought.  I can't wait to be done with buying eggs from the store.  While enjoying the first of our eggs I was reminded how much more tasty home grown eggs are compared to store bought - even organic, free range store bought eggs.  In the next month or so all six of our chickens should be laying which will be just enough eggs to support our family's needs with a tiny bit extra for gifting our neighbors. ;) 

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