Monday, December 19, 2011

Cloth gift wrap!

Several years ago my friend, Lisa Marie gave me a gift wrapped in cloth.  Her gifts are always dead on wonderful to my tastes and are usually second hand, edible or living.  I started gifting her and her family with things wrapped in cloth and decided to try it out with my family.  Now I always have my eyes open for cheap old sweaters and festive sheets of fabric.  Arms of sweaters are the best!  I still use paper for friends and extended family mostly because I don't want my cloth to make it to the dump - that's half the point.  My husband still prefers paper when he's doing the wrapping so we have a lovely mix under our tree.  You do have to be creative by using other pieces of fabric, tying the fabric or my favorite, using twine to fasten the cloth and secure the tag.  Beyond being thrifty and environmentally responsible, I love the way things wrapped in cloth look.  They are beautiful, warm and festive.

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