Saturday, October 15, 2011

Time to Move Out

There comes a time in every chick's life when they are no longer cute, cuddly or adorable, when the excitement fades and the little chirping chicks turn into annoying chirping chickens.  There comes a time when their precious little fuzzy fluff turns to feathers and all you notice anymore is their stink.  There comes a time when the dust they emit is no longer tolerable but down right disgusting and annoying.  That time came early for me with these chicks - weeks early.  Perhaps it's because there are more of them this time.  Maybe it's because they are in my dining room instead of the little nook of a room we had in the house we occupied last time we had chicks.  It could be the fact that the stress over finishing their coop has been mounting every day while I have had to plot and plan for even minutes to work on the stuff that should have been finished weeks ago. 

Our precious little chirping, smelly, dust emitting chickens should have been out of my house and in their coop last Monday at the latest.  They no longer need a heat lamp and anyway, I could have just used one in the coop. 

Today is the day.  I don't care what is or is not finished on the chickens' coop.  If I have to make them live in the kids fort, that is what I will do.  THE CHICKENS LEAVE MY HOUSE TODAY!

I've been saying this for weeks but I really am close to completing their coop.  I still have some painting to do on the outside, some hardware to add and tweaks here and there but the fencing I was working on is complete, the droppings pits I've been putting off are almost finished and their ladder is just waiting for some paint!  Door handles and other details can wait.  I refuse to clean out their cardboard box one more time.
Ladder for chickens.

One of two droppings pits.

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