Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Update - Growing Tomatoes Up

This year I have decided to grow my tomatoes up, tying them to a cedar stick and pinching off the suckers so they don't get too heavy or lanky. Here is my original post about this year's tomatoes. I want to update you on how it is going.  I am still very pleased with my tomatoes and have been harvesting a lot of delicious tomatoes.  The puny plants that were just never doing much are still not doing much but the hearty ones are putting out loads and loads of big beautiful tomatoes.

I wanted to let you know that I have had two cedar stakes snap on me! One was on a plant in the flower bed in my back yard.  We had a descent wind storm a few weeks back while my family was out camping and I came home to this tomato plant, which was very large, on the ground. It had so many green tomatoes I couldn't bear to cut it down and while the main stock was damaged, it was still connected - just the stake snapped in half.  I pruned the heck out of the plant and propped the stick back up and so far, so good. I think I am going to see a lot of red tomatoes on this one.

The other plant that I had a stake fail on was out front by the street.  It was a yellow pear cherry tomato plant.  I wasn't super attached to it so I just cut the plant down and called it good. I have a bowl of the green tomatoes I salvaged before dumping the plant. They are already starting to turn yellow in my kitchen.

The lesson of the season is that my plants need more support!  I either need to prune more heavily and not let the plants get so large, use more than one stake per plant, or use something sturdier like a metal post. Both of the sticks that snapped were the only support for the entire plant.  I used multiple stakes for some of the other plants and they are as good as gold.

I'm still having fun growing the tomatoes up, just wanted to let you know some of the troubles I'm having in case you ever decide to give this method a try.  I hope wherever you are, if you are growing tomatoes that you are having fun with them!

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