Sunday, September 18, 2011

Trading My "To Do" List for Puzzle Time

I'm not even going to list my long term (one month or more) "to do" list but here goes my short term:
  • Clean up the side yard where the old chickens used to live and where a giant squash plant has taken over. (It's time to rip the squash plant out. I have harvested all I could possibly use and am over it.)
  • Stain the fort before the fresh wood turns brown.
  • Paint the coop trim, put on hardware like door knobs, add wire fencing, finish droppings pits.
  • Take pictures and research the types of chicks I have.
  • Can green beans.
  • Laundry, paperwork, clean bathrooms - the stuff that never goes away and constantly thwarts me.
  • Some gardening such as weeding beds, planting fall crops and harvesting carrots.
  • Finish one of the three blog entries I have started especial on canning while it's still the season!
In addition to this, I have a couple books I would like to spend more time with as well as get some writing done and exercise!!!

This morning I slept in and woke up to a cup of hot fresh coffee on my bed-stand and the sound of raindrops outside my window. I should, could, would throw on some rain boots and start cleaning up the yard but really I just want to spend the day inside. A puzzle sounds like a great way to come together with the family and have some focus so I don't feel out and out lazy.  We can do it in the living room where football is bound to be on all day so we will be close enough to my hubby to call it a family day.
This is my second post about life keeping me from getting stuff done but I'm a type A girl.  I have to remind myself that even if the yard stays messy and the beans don't get canned, the world will go on like it always has!  This shall serve as my reminder for today.  I hope you all are having a fantastic Sunday whether it's busy or quiet!  I would love to hear what you do on a cozy day instead of working.


  1. Dana, Dana, Dana! Coffee on your night stand? Adam needs to start taking lessons. But he did entertain Zachary for two whole hour so I could sleep in! Since then we've been sitting in our pjs playing in the living room. I do take out the trash but only because the cat was getting into it! :)


  2. Pj's are a big part of the lazy day Sunday equation! Glad you guys are chillin! ;)