Friday, September 30, 2011

Planter Box In The House!

There is a real cute cafe in Oregon City called Singer Hill Cafe.  The owner is always doing cool stuff with the architecture and plants inside and out of the cafe.  Naturally, I take pictures of cool things as I see them.  I love using other people’s ideas!  Check out this super cool planter inside the café.
Tonight I sprang the idea to my husband of building a planter box into our house and he went for it!  We have three really wide stairs in our house that separate the upper level from the lower.  Up the stairs is the living room which has two bedrooms off of it.  Down the stairs you walk into the kitchen/entry/dining area and then to a hallway with more bedrooms.  There isn’t much visual separation between the upstairs and downstairs.  From the living room the view downstairs is of the kitchen and entry way.
Way too many months ago we started building on a portion of the stairs, a book case on the living room side and a coat closet on the lower level.  We were going to build it half way up and hang a stain glass window from the ceiling above the bookshelf/closet.  The goal was to create a little divide between the wide open spaces.  Our house came with very little storage space and certainly not a coat closet so it made sense. 

Maybe because the project was never really planned out precisely or properly executed and therefore came to a complete and utter standstill, I am not so sure of the closet/bookshelf idea anymore.  I think it creates too much of a block between the levels and hinders the flow of the house. Maybe we will build a planter box like the one at Singer Hill to create some separation between the levels while keeping the space airy and at the same time contribute some beauty and live to our home!

* Update - This is what we actually did with the space

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