Thursday, September 8, 2011

Free Find Dog House

It might not look like much but this dog house is going to be a real treat for Noah, our stellar mutt, as well as an enhancement to the yard!  It's was so stinkin heavy, once I got it home with the help of my kids, some good leveraging and two trips in two different vehicles (for the record minivans rock for hauling stuff!), I just left it in the driveway. My husband can help me move to the garage.  I found this in front of someone's yard with a "free" sign on it.  Hauling stuff is usually a hassle and rarely fits into my schedule but I'm willing to go out of my way for something I know we will use and value and this will be worth it. Consider this the "before" picture!
Some of us don't have the foresight to take pictures of things before we move them so just know that when put together it is a dog house.  I think I'm pretty clever to get the dog in the picture of the dog house so just roll with it.  I can get like three more dogs his size to fill this dog house! Pretty cool, hu?
The frame of the roof is really quite sturdy.  With some fresh plywood and new shingles it will be as good as new. Since the roof it is already put together, just worn out, I won't have to try and figure out how to do it, I'll just redo what was there.

The dog house looked smaller until I tried to move it!  Objects in the picture are bigger and heavier up close for sure!  All the base needs is a fresh coat of paint.

UPDATE: "After" picture:

Finished product.

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  1. Good score, Dana! The dog will love it!