Friday, August 26, 2011

Football is Ruining My Life

What does football have to do with the ol' Workshop you say? This is a blog about projects and getting stuff done eh? Well, I'll give you a hint, it has the same to do with Great Dana's Workshop as does swimming lessons, the kids' need to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, laundry, dirty bathrooms, appointments and all the other day to day things I do.  Football is to the workshop what a little rain is to a picnic, it doesn't shut things down it just changes the rules of the game a little.

We finally decided to take the plunge and commit to a season of youth football for our nine year old!  He wanted to play last year, the first that he could have, but I was not willing to shell out the time or money at that point.  They practice five nights a week for two and a half hours a night for the last few weeks of summer break.  Did you catch that?  Summer break.  SUMMER BREAK aka family, schedule free, get stuff done and go have fun time.  Once school starts up they go to three practices a week plus Saturday games - definitely a time commitment.  Some parents are concerned with the physical danger of football and the possibility of their little tyke getting hurt but football is pretty darn safe when properly geared up, really. My concern is simply the magnitude of TIME they put into the sport. 

In case you think I'm a real jerk, making a big deal about how my kid's sport is ruining my life, I'm just being dramatic so chill out.  Having my kid in football goes against my grain a little bit just because of how serious they take the sport at such a young age. But here I am with a kid who wants to do one of the most time consuming sports where the coaches are most likely to be yelling.  And my kid loves it!  His coaches are an amazing group of men who have a beautiful balance between pushing the kids and encouraging them.  The more they make my son sweat and the more they yell, the more he loves football.  Don't get me wrong, I still get my feathers ruffled if I sense too much cut throat going on and I reserve the right to be that defensive mom ready to throw down but we really landed on a great team where I have only seen the kids treated with respect and I have no choice but to loosen up and watch the process.

I have watched my cautious, quiet kid put on his pads six hours before practice, run harder than he thought he could, push himself, banter and joke with his peers and get into the sport with a serious determination and focus.  He walks with more confidence and only sometimes makes the mistake of crossing over to the arrogant side of things where I have to gently remind him I can still beat him in arm wrestling. 

Despite the fact that I am rarely in a position to walk away from the stuff we are doing during the day at 5:30, once I get to practice I really enjoy myself, it's the sort of thing memories are made of; kids sports are good for the soul.  When my daughter is not at her soccer practice (yes, it gets hectic) she plays nonstop with the posse of other younger siblings and between watching practice and visiting with the other parents I even get some reading time in.  I've been so busy this summer I have grossly neglected my running so I have taken advantage of the forced down time and started jogging around the track a couple days of the week.

My husband has been out of town for work four out of five nights this and last week but when he is back in action at home we can take turns going to football practice and I will get the house to myself sometimes.  Even though I anticipate the home alone time, so far when he has been here we usually both end up on the sidelines because who can resist!  Maybe as time goes on and the rain sets in I won't feel like I'm missing out so much if I miss a practice.  For now, I have to go easy on myself and acknowledge that while stuff just isn't getting done around the house at a pace I prefer, life is getting done and that's what it's all about anyway.  The workshop is the icing, not the cake.


  1. I Love Dana's Workshop!

  2. Sports are great for kids and really boost their confidence and give them a sense of place. You're a good mama for sacrificing your time to make your kids happy!