Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Baby Chicks!!!

Billy the mail man called me at about 9:30 this morning to let me know he had the chicks and was about ten minutes from our place!  As soon as he arrived we could hear them chirping away!  I let the kids open the box warning them that there may be some dead ones. There was one dead and one that we though for dead but could still see breathing. The other eight were just as lively as could be!  We got them under the heat lamp right away!

Barely awake children not able to open the box of baby chicks fast enough!

The not so alive one was revived with a little heat and some gentle caressing and nudging just like a mama hen might do, by a friend who also touched some water to its beak.  My friend shall be called, the chick whisperer!  It took about two hours before she was up on her own two feet which is awesome because she wasn't moving at all when we got her!

I'm pretty sure I have the happiest kids in the world!

This is one of the Bantams.  It is black with white tipped wings!
  UPDATE: This one is Shadow Smile because my five year old is cool like that. 
UPDATE: Shadow Smile did not make it; she died at about one week. She was a Black Frizzle Cochin Bantam 
This fella's name is Flufatrox and everyone's favorite already with its super fluffy beautiful self.
UPDATE: I believe Flufatrox is an Easter Egger!
Her name shall be, Yellow Wing!
UPDATE:  I believe Yellow Wing is a New Hampshire Red.
UPDATE: Actually she's a Buckeye. 

UPDATE:  Camolot nicknamed Camo is a Golden Campine. 
No name yet for our light colored striped girl.
UPDATE:  My step son named her Samwise Gamgee.  She is a Partridge Silkie Bantam
This fully black Bantam has not been named yet.  My son just pointed out some leg fluff!  I'll figure out all their breeds later, I just wanted to get some pictures up first!
UPDATE: This one is a little stinker and keeps pecking the other chicks in the eye ALL the time!
UPDATE:  We named her Silver.  She is a Black Silkie Bantam.
UPDATE: She was a he.
This chick has some beautiful markings on its face and body.  We haven't named her yet.
UPDATE:  Her name is Crystal
UPDATE:  Crystal is a GoldenCampine
Another Bantam, this one is all black with a tiny white patch on its head and bum!  We haven't named her yet.
  UPDATE: This one's name is Luna since the white on her head looks like the moon!
UPDATE:  Luna is a Barred Plymoth Rock Bantam
Such a beauty, this is another chick with a stripe down its back, darker in color than it's matching buddy. We haven't named her yet.
  UPDATE: This one's name is Rusty!
UPDATE:  Rusty is a Partride Silkie Bantam and is a ROOSTER! 

I have identified 4 of the 5 bantams, one dead.  I think one of the striped chicks may be our other bantam!  We aren't getting anything done today, just staring at and caressing chicks, loving every second of it!

My son Anthony

My daughter Caitlin


  1. They are sooo super cute!!

  2. Hey, I commented here a few days ago, don't know where it went! They are super, super cute. Totally envious, and looking forward to seeing these chickies grow...

  3. Thank guys! We are totally smitten. Totally preoccupied with these little fellas! Ariana, when you get to the chicken part of your England journey I can't wait to hear how thing are as far as city chicken regulations over there!

  4. Dana, you are incredible! I am amazed at your fort and coop! It is very involved and 2 story!!! Beautiful! I bet the kids love it. You thanked me for getting to see ours, but yours is more involved than ours, and you have roofs! Congratulations! Joyce